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Conversation Between Panasonic Customer Service and Me

February 16, 2013

A wheel stopper came off my MC UG775 (not 773). I replaced it with a non-Panasonic type. It fit, but eventually came off.  I have since bought replacements from 2 different retailers. They were both new-in-package Panasonic replacement parts (Panasonic AC74SUSZ00 STOPPER WHEEL) but do not fit. They cannot be pushed, pried, or hammered onto the bar.  The first time I thought maybe it was just that shipment, maybe they were defective. But the second ones also do not fit. What is the model # for this replacement? Is the bar a different size? Is there some trick to getting them on?

Thank you.


Thank you for contacting Panasonic. Based on the information you have provided, we recommend having a service technician help you with installing the part. You may contact the following authorized service facilities:



We hope this information is useful to you.

(case number: 30267345)


Well, no, this is not helpful. For one thing, both the retailers I bought the parts from referred me to you. Bringing my machine to the repair places you mention would mean driving 200 to 400 miles to have someone “instruct” me about how to push a donut onto a dowel, something I already know how to do. The problem is that the stoppers were not machined to fit my vacuum cleaner, and I need help from you, not from another person who is going to refer me to Panasonic.

Thanks, and please try a little harder.


Thank you for your response. Please provide us with your contact number and the time we can reach you. A representative will contact you and help you with your concern.

Kindly take note of your case number: 30267345

Upon receiving your response, we will evaluate your case.



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